Roofing Services :: Metal Roof Waterproofing

There are two approaches to metal roof waterproofing:

1) Waterproofing Only Without Insulation:

A complete Metal Roof Waterproofing system will inhibit rust, stops leaks and provide an energy efficient, long-lasting and attractive finish coat for years of service. The entire roof is cleaned and then primed with a rust inhibiting primer. Seams are strengthened with fabric reinforcement embedded in an acrylic elastomeric (elastic property of rubber) roof coating. Any exposed fasteners are sealed with acrylic caulking and finally, the entire surface of the roof is sealed with an acrylic, white reflective coating for durability and energy efficiency.

Our Energy Star labeled products can lower the roof surface temperatures and decrease the amount of heat transferred into the building’s interior, thus reducing cooling costs. The Metal Roof Waterproofing system gives you long-term performance at a fraction of the cost of metal replacement. In addition, in many cases, the Metal Roof Waterproofing system restoration will be far less disruptive to your operations than taking the entire roof off to replace it.

2) Waterproofing With Insulation:

If there is winter leakage due to condensation, it is required to also insulate the top side of the roof panels. Spray in Place Urethane Foam (SPF) is very useful for both insulating and waterproofing older metal roofs. A large benefit from this approach is that it leaves the original metal panels under the spray foam and therefore on the warm side of the roof system. This greatly reduces the thermal shock which means less expansion and contraction of the metal panels through the hot and cold seasons. Closed cell spray foam is used for roofing applications.

The spray foam is then covered with white elastomeric coatings to protect the foam from the sun and cool the system.