Hail & Storm Damage

Hail damage claims are one of the most common types of insurance claims. What does this mean for you? A major disadvantage – your insurance company is better prepared to overcome the choice to replace your roof, siding, windows, etc., because insurance companies have years of experience in this process. Your insurance company has a well developed plan of attack to minimize your settlement.

If there is obvious damage like holes or dents to your homes exterior the process is certainly smoother. But in most cases, hail damage is not cut and dry. More often than not the decision to replace a roof comes down to the judgment call of an insurance adjuster. One thing is certain, once the adjuster decides you have little or no damage, it’s difficult to change his or her mind.

A common question that some people ask is, “Should I replace my roof after a hail storm in MN?” However, there are other thoughts that run through the minds of people that include “my roof held up nicely during that storm” or “the damage couldn’t be that bad.” All of these have some sort of fallacy to them.

First of all, you do not necessarily have to replace your roof after a hail storm. Yes, some people will have to, but you may not have to. Second of all, a roof may appear to hold up nicely during a storm, but the truth is that it may have damage that you can’t spot immediately. Third, it is not a good idea to underestimate how bad potential damage may be.

If you want to know the truth, then the best thing to do is call a Minneapolis roofing contractor to evaluate the situation. There are a number of things that can go wrong with your roof during a hail storm. Here is a rundown of what can occur:

Mineral granules can be lost and they are very important in the health of your shingles. The areas of granule loss also help in identifying where damage has occurred on your roof.

When shingles are pelted by hail, the life of those shingles is automatically shortened. Hail can take the life of a shingle much faster than normal wear and tear that takes way the granules.

When the shingles and roofing materials are not taken care of as soon as the damage is noticed or soon after, further damage can occur over time, causing extensive damage to your home in other areas. Instead of Minnesota hail damage repair, you may have to have a large portion or your entire roof replaced.

If you currently have an old roof, having new and more flexible shingles placed onto your roof can help avoid costly repairs in the future. That is why after a hail storm you want to make sure you have a Minneapolis roofing contractor inspect your roof after each storm. However, you may wish to inspect your roof yourself directly after the storm. That way if you see damage yourself, you will know the urgency of the situation.

And keep in mind that your gutter system is also a part of your roofing in that your gutters take water away from your roof, which protects it. Hail can do major damage to your gutters, so they need to be inspected as well.

So know that although things look okay, they may not be okay. And to avoid damage in the future, Minneapolis hail damage roofing contractors can help you to take preventive measures and also repair any damage that has occurred in the past before it becomes something worse.

Please note:  Insurance deductible rebates for roof repair are not allowed per MN law. – Learn more!