Overhead Construction and Roofing is a Metal Roof installer providing metal roof installation, repair and replacement services for commercial metal roofs in the Twin Cities metro area.

Commercial Metal Roofs

If the metal roof on your commercial building is in need of repair, our team at Overhead Construction & Roofing has the proven experience and skills to meet whatever your roofing repair needs. A metal roof is durable and long-lasting by its nature, but that doesn’t mean issues don’t come up that require professional attention by a trained roofing expert. When you call our roofing company, we will send one of our experienced and licensed commercial roofing contractors to your property for an in-person inspection and free estimate.

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Commercial Metal Roof Waterproofing & Insulating

Our metal waterproofing services will help keep the inside of your building dry and safe from the effects of excess moisture and water leaks.

Some of the benefits of metal roof waterproofing include:

  • Cost Savings – You will save money when your metal roof is waterproofed because you won’t need a full replacement as soon, and you’ll require fewer repairs in the immediate future.
  • Long-Term Protection – Waterproofing your metal roof will reduce the likelihood of leaks from heavy rain, snow, and ice dams and the associated wear, decay, and water damage.
  • Lower Maintenance – A waterproofed metal roof requires much less maintenance, which is good news for any business owner or property manager.
  • Greater Energy Efficiency – Waterproof membranes reflect sunlight and heat, so you will save on HVAC costs.
  • Lower Humidity – Waterproofing means less moisture will get into the building, which means the humidity levels inside will be lower. This reduces the likelihood of mold growth and helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

Commercial Metal Roofing Repair

If your metal roof is damaged and you don’t take action to have it repaired, you could be setting yourself and your business up for some serious consequences.

Even though metal roofs are durable, some of the issues they encounter over time include:

  • Rust and discoloration
  • Tears, punctures or gouges that lead to water leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Damaged flashing
  • Lifted fasteners

When this happens, you may end up with water damage inside the building, mold, and mildew growth that could affect everyone’s health, safety issues, and elevated HVAC bills, as air is lost through holes or tears in the roof.

If your commercial metal roof has been damaged because of high winds or hail from a storm, our team will work to get the repair process started. Insurance claims for storm damaged roofs can often take a long time, and we want you to have your roof back to its original condition as soon as possible.

There’s no need to suffer the consequences of a damaged roof when a proven solution is just a phone call away. We service commercial metal roofs anywhere in the Twin Cities area. Call our commercial roofing company today at 952-463-4592 to schedule a free on-site estimate.

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